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Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain: A Neglected Field in Developing Countries

Mansoureh Gorginzadeh 1 , Farnad Imani 2 and Saeid Safari 2 , *
Authors Information
1 Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Tehran University of Medical sciences, Tehran, Iran
2 Pain Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Article information
  • Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine: February 01, 2016, 6 (1); e35506
  • Published Online: February 13, 2016
  • Article Type: Editorial
  • Received: December 13, 2015
  • Revised: January 2, 2016
  • Accepted: January 13, 2016
  • DOI: 10.5812/aapm.35506

To Cite: Gorginzadeh M, Imani F, Safari S. Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain: A Neglected Field in Developing Countries, Anesth Pain Med. 2016 ; 6(1):e35506. doi: 10.5812/aapm.35506.

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