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Association Between Disease Severity and Calcium Concentration in Critically Ill Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Unit

Sarvin Sanaie 1 , Ata Mahmoodpoor 2 , Hadi Hamishehkar 3 , Kamran Shadvar 2 , Nasim Salimi 4 , Majid Montazer 5 , Afshin Iranpour 6 and Elnaz Faramarzi 7 , *
Authors Information
1 Tuberculosis and lung disease research center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
2 Faculty of Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
3 Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
4 Students Research Committee, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
5 Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
6 Department of Anesthesiology, Al Garhoud Private Hospital, Dubai, UAE
7 Liver and Gastrointestinal Disease Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
Article information
  • Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine: February 2018, 8 (1); e57583
  • Published Online: February 24, 2018
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: July 4, 2017
  • Revised: January 23, 2018
  • Accepted: February 18, 2018
  • DOI: 10.5812/aapm.57583

To Cite: Sanaie S, Mahmoodpoor A, Hamishehkar H, Shadvar K, Salimi N, et al. Association Between Disease Severity and Calcium Concentration in Critically Ill Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Unit, Anesth Pain Med. 2018 ; 8(1):e57583. doi: 10.5812/aapm.57583.

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1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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